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Developmental Specialist

Posted: 09/10/2021

Do you want a career where you can have fun? Do you enjoy supporting people out in the community? Exercise, cooking, sports, bowling etc. - fun fun fun! We are looking for creative and passionate team members on Cape Cod, MA to assist those who experience barriers to working to achieve success. No evening or weekend hours! Unleash your true potential and join our team today!

The Developmental Specialist assumes primary responsibility for each member’s goals. The Developmental Specialist acts as an integral part of the member’s team to ensure that all needs and goals identified are addressed and implemented in the members Service Plan. The Developmental Specialist is responsible to ensure effective progress/growth is made by the member as identified in the Plan and that any obstacles that may arise are addressed. Other duties include:

Assessment, Planning, and Development

Be an active contributor to all planning and development with each assigned member

Reporting and Documentation

Ensure that all assigned documentation is done in a professional manner and according to all Transitions Centers policies/procedures and to the highest standards of all involved accreditation, funding, state and federal regulations and laws.

Direct Member Care

  • Responsible for the running of group activities. Developmental Specialists are typically working with seven Members in a group. Our Members also do not require ADL support. Members do not have behavioral programs where restraints are required.
  • Community Access - Previous to the pandemic, about 90% of our program's activities were in the community. We are currently going back to our community based schedule and starting to bring back more of our Members into our program.